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Bonus points for why.

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//bed. g’night.





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unpopular opinion

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All I can see is a very disgruntled Cas after accidentally picking up those cursed ballet shoes.

Now I can’t unsee that

*pirouettes angrily*

Okay, it’s official this needs to happen

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How are you pulling off this t-shirt?
Can I pull off this t-shirt? ;)
You look as if you are about to ravish someone.
Can I be the person you are about to ravish?


  1. How are you pulling off this t-shirt?
  2. Can I pull off this t-shirt? ;)
  3. You look as if you are about to ravish someone.
  4. Can I be the person you are about to ravish?
I did a bad thing.




The Doctor searched Johnny’s face, biting his lip to keep him from asking questions he didn’t want answered. “All right,” he said. “Okay. Let’s get you cleaned up, all right? Let’s clean you up, and then…and then I can help. I can figure out what to do.”

Johnny lowered his head more. “I’m sorry, Doctor, I know I should have come to you or did something else but I couldn’t help myself.  Cross my hearts.”

He sighed as he looked up and watched the Doctor wrap the gauze on him to bind his wounds. “Oh Doctor,” he chuckled lightly, looking up and kissing his cheek just as light. “That’s sounds like a good idea to me, Doctor. Do have any of those awful movies to watch? If not we could just sit here and talk.”

His hearts warmed just slightly. Johnny seemed to get better and better. He wanted to tell him that succumbing to the need to feel was magnificently human, but he didn’t want to bring it up. The Doctor just wanted Johnny to get better.

"Well, we have an indoor cinema in the TARDIS with every movie you could desire," he offered with a quirked eyebrow, "or we could lounge in a bedroom and watch a movie on a TV set. Preference?"

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Disguises || Open Starter 


Eyebrows wriggled at the chance and adventure. She had no doubts they would free Mr. Cheese and find the real culprit. Clara struggled to hold back an eagerly giddy giggle with her knuckle, acting as if she were clearing her throat. “Yes…indeed.” The smile broke out over her lips. 

"So what do you think? Should we split up and look for clues, or should we head to the security station?" She did her best to sound professional, though never breaking her smile. As they spoke they walked down the halls, going unnoticed by other passengers. She had to admit, the Doctor couldn’t have picked better disguises. "I think we should stay away from the Southern Gold Digger, she was far too quick to blame the staff. I doubt she actually knows anything valuable. We’ll have better luck asking if anythin’ else has been stolen." Clara paused a brief moment as the elevator lowered from the upper deck and gave a smug toothy grin. "I watch a lot of murder mystery shows with my Gran on Sundays." 


"Let’s head to security. Like I told you, staff always know what’s going on. In fact, it’s the guards’ jobs!" Even though this was just a case of robbery where the culprit literally couldn’t get away, the Doctor wouldn’t separate from Clara. Only too often did things get out of hand, and he didn’t want to worry about her when they did. Who knows what could happen?

He glanced down at her and grinned. “It shows,” he said. “Why, you’re a regular Poirot, aren’t you? Agatha Christie would be proud. I should take you to meet her. I wonder if she remembers me.”

The lift in front of them had arrived with the ding of a bell. The doors slid open and revealed an empty life. Quite a rarity on a cruise ship.

"Shall we?"

"P-please... anything but that..."



//fuck this gon hurt

"Why should I stop?" the Planner said. Something had made him glitch, go back to factory settings, and now he was the person born on Hedgewick’s World, the one who had no regard of life or love. "It’s rather delightful, seeing you squirm in pain."

"I love you too," Aethena answered even if she could see him struggling with those three little words. It was like she lost all that they worked on over those years. She turned her face to the side, kissing one of his hands with a troubled lo. Her hands reached up and touched the back of his, lightly rubbing her thumbs on them while her hands wrapped around his wrists slightly.

"We pick up the pieces. That is all we can do. Unless of course you want to forget all of it. Or we just start all over again. We start from scratch and build up to where we were. The only think I ask of you, is to not beat yourself up about this. Please? I do not want you to be this upset over it."


He averted his eyes. He’d still feel terrible for today, and terrible that Aethena loved him so much she could forgive him. But she loved him, and he couldn’t change that. So he’d do whatever she asked.

"I-I’ll try. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to easily let this go, but I’ll try as hard as I can. You have my word."

He bent down and brushed his lips against hers, kissing her in the most delicate, tender way he knew. “I love you,” he said again, as a way to make it easier to say. Repetition had to help, didn’t it?


I’ve seen at least one episode of classic who

I started Doctor Who on the 9th Doctor

I started Doctor Who on the 10th Doctor 

I started Doctor Who on the 11th Doctor

I started Doctor Who on a classic Doctor

I hate when people call the Doctor “Doctor Who”

I would leave behind everything I know to go travelling with the Doctor 

I prefer the RTD Era

I prefer the Moffat Era

I think Martha Jones was a terrible companion

I do not ship River Song and the Eleventh Doctor

I do not ship Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor

The 10th Doctor is my Doctor 

I do not like the episode “The Girl in the Fireplace”

I did not like the seventh season 

I ship Amelia Pond and the Eleventh Doctor

I was surprised when River Song was revealed to be Amelia’s child

I believe the Tenth Doctor was horribly out of character in the 50th

The 9th Doctor is my Doctor

Donna Noble is my favorite companion

I do not like the Time Lords being alive

I loved the episode Midnight (4x10)

Doctor Who is my favorite show

Doctor Who is one of my favorite shows

I am only a casual watcher of Doctor Who

Eleven’s last episode was awful

The Eleventh Doctor is my Doctor

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why am i so exhausted omg

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"I've never seen such gorgeous eyes before." (BECAUSE THE OTHER THREAD IS REALLY ANGSTY$




"You flatter me, Holly May. You must never have looked in a mirror if mine are the most beautiful eyes you’ve seen."

Holly May smiled softly. “No… Your eyes are beautiful. Ancient and wise. Which only adds to all of your mystery.” She pecked his cheek.

He smiled bashfully. “You’re too much. I’m no mystery—I’m just a mad old man who’s seen more than most.”

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if you shame girls about their breast size i will push you into traffic

"Who’s flat now?"

whos flat now

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"Do you sometimes wonder if anyone will ever compliment you on something other than your looks?"


"Then again, maybe I haven’t got anything else worth complimenting."

"Hush. Everything you are is spectacular. You’re amazing in every way, Lill."

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